Wednesday, October 7, 2009

So long moon...

Alright, this shit is huge, and [Dr.] Dru Johnston, Astronomer with a PhD from the school of hard knocks is going to lay this science down for you like a man and a women after a liquored up night in SoHo.

NASA is going to blow up the moon.

Here's the article that was written about it in the Huffington Post:

And it leads me to believe even further something that I've believed since NASA blamed the Apollo 13 explosion on the Moon... NASA hates the moon, folks!

It's so simple... I may not have "worked for NASA" or "earned a PhD from an Ivy League" or "done extensive research outside of my astonomers intuition" but this shit is real. How else would you explain it?

You can't. The only reason we bomb something is because we hate it or Osama Bin Laden is hiding there. And last time I checked Bin Laden was without a space suit or the fuel to get to the mother fucking moon. This is a travesty! And it makes me look at all the evidence about NASA hating the moon... I can't believe no one caught this sooner.

So I present to you, undereducated internet readers, the overwhelming evidence that NASA hates the moon.

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