Wednesday, October 7, 2009

From NASA archives: insults for the moon

I did some sleuthing because I'm a master of disguise.

These are real insults I found in a top secret lair of NASA... insults that they appear to be making against the moon. They were all scribbled on a sheet with a letter head that simply said: "NASA RULES! MOON DROOLS!"

MAN! NASA hates the moon!

  • The moons made of green cheese? Yeah... if by green cheese you mean my dick... NASA FOREVER!
  • You know how the moon got all those craters? Me fucking it. NASA!!!!!!
  • One of these days, Moon, BANG! BOOM! STRAIGHT TO YOU! NASTA NASA!
  • I see the moon and the moon sees me fucking it's mom. BOOYA NASA!
  • The moon is a bastard. We say that because no one really knows how it came into existence, it could have been a capture situation or maybe it broke off of a large comet or maybe it's just a piece of the earth (which would mean it's a little bitch, right?) but by and large we don't really know where it came from so sometimes we call it a bastard because we in a sense don't understand what its "parents" are.
  • That's one small step for man, one giant leap... MAN FUCK THE MOON RIGHT!

Those guys at NASA need to let shit go. I can't believe they still blame the moon for the Apollo 13 incident. Talk about a grudge.

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