Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Possible reasons NASA thinks they're better than the moon

NASA clearly thinks they're better than the moon... only explanation why they feel justified bombing it. Here is a list of possible reasons they might have for thinking this:
  • The Moon didn't graduate cum laude from a reputable institution
  • The Moon has been around for a lot longer and hasn't accomplished nearly as much with its life... just sits on its ass in orbit all day long, not a care in the world
  • Scientists on NASA regularly deal with 5 to 6 times more gravity then the moon does
  • NASA isn't made out of green cheese
  • When NASA hits your eye you get a mother fucking black eye instead of stupid ass amore

Here's the only reason they think the moon might possibly be better them:

  • Wallace and Grommit never made an episode about NASA

Those arrogant sons of bitches. They think they're better than the moon! They don't realize that the moon is a bad ass mother fucker! But then again, you can only learn that by learning your astronomy on the streets.


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